A look inside the opulently designed bathrooms at Burj Al Arab suites

We’ve already peeked inside the best Presidential Suites of Washington D.C. Today, lets step inside the impeccably designed bathrooms of Burj Al Arab which are showered with extravagant features. The distinctive sail-shaped Burj Al Arab is more than just a stunning hotel, it is a symbol of modern Dubai. Voted as the world’s most luxurious hotel, it delivers the finest services and facilities. Featuring suites larger than any average metropolitan apartments, even the bathrooms at this hotel are far from disappointment. Each bathroom of Burj Al Arab suites is a masterpiece sporting gilded accents, representing the ultimate in luxury.


Similarly designed bathrooms are accommodated in the Deluxe One Bedroom suite, Deluxe One Bedroom suite with Twin beds and Panoramic One Bedroom suite.

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The Deluxe Two Bedroom suite and Deluxe Two Bedroom suite have two distinctly designed bathrooms.

This one graces the Club One Bedroom suite.

The Diplomatic Three Bedroom suite boasts of a purple hued bathroom.



The bathroom inside the Presidential Two Bedroom Suite in shades of purple is overly spacious and is fit to get a nod from any President or Royal.

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The most opulently designed bathroom of Burj Al Arab is found inside the Royal Two Bedroom Suite.

Each bath area features walk-in shower and Jacuzzi / Spa bath and is complimented by a decadent bath menu with music and Aromatherapy Associates bath oils which are prepared by an attending butler.

Suites at Burj Al Arab start from $1,500 per night.

Nothing sets a luxurious suite apart like these over-the-top bathrooms of Burj Al Arab.