No deja vu! Emirates put its flight attendant on top of the Burj Khalifa once again for a stunning flypast of an Airbus A380.

Whenever Emirates wants to make a point and ensure the world takes notice, they position social media star Nicole Smith-Ludvik atop the tall 2,722ft, Burj Khalifa. Emirates had the fearless ‘airline stewardess’ smiling on top of the world’s tallest building, with a placard in her hand that read, “Moving the UAE to the UK amber list has made us feel on top of the world.” They are excited yet again, and this time the stunt is repeated with an Airbus A380 wearing the “marmite” Expo 2020 livery. The airline made the announcement on their social media, writing, ‘She’s still there.” The placards make a comeback, though this year, the words are different.

The placards say, “Wow, I can see Dubai Expo” and “Finally, here come my friends.” The friends are nestled inside a grand Emirates A380 that comes zipping by, looking glorious in Expo 2020 livery, as the stewardess holds up a sign inviting people to fly Emirates to “the world’s greatest show.” To support Expo 2020, Emirates is currently giving away one Expo day pass with every ticket purchased. The viral video was posted on Emirates’ Instagram handle and read, ‘The world’s greatest show brings friends together on top of the world’s tallest building. Enjoy a free @Expo2020Dubai day pass with every ticket. Fly Emirates, Fly Better.’

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The video has got 412,897 views in two days at the time of writing, with some exciting comments. Delhiaviation said, ‘That woman deserves a raise,’ and another user winsonveigas quipped, ‘Now no one can say it’s fake,’ putting all rumors of this being shot with a green screen to rest. In other Emirates news, the esteemed airline has closed the famed onboard bar on its A380s and suspended pre-flight drinks keeping the widespread Omicron surge in mind.

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