24 carat gold iPads to act as ‘virtual concierges’ for in-house guests at Burj Al Arab

The fiats Burj Al Arab indulges into shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Often in the news for all the right reasons, the seven starrer has so far achieved and amassed a reputation par excellence. It is every single time we see that the Burj Al Arab, synonymous to itself, try to create the most extraordinary experiences for its guests. First wooing them with a romantic website, then lavishing them with a luxurious chauffeured drive in a Rolls Royce, and now, providing them with gold iPads. One has to applaud the lengths to which this widely acclaimed luxurious hotel goes to make its guests feel and breathe the luxury and opulence it exhales.

Yesterday Burj Al Arab, claimed to be the world’s most luxurious hotel, introduced 24-carat gold iPads, courtesy of Gold & Co. London, for its in-house guests. The iPads are Burj Al Arab exclusives engraved with the hotel’s logo and come in-built with an Interactive Customer Experience (ICE) software that acts as a “virtual concierge” for in-house guests.

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Through the iPad, guests would be able to access any information they require about the hotel, so also select hotel services, inclusive of restaurant and spa menus, private dining, butler and housekeeping services, and more.
Also, the 24-carat gold iPad introduced will soon be available for purchase at Burj Al Arab’s bespoke boutique.

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Last year had also seen Burj Al Arab collaborating with Gold & Co. London to create a one-of-its-kind Rose Gold iPad in conjunction with celebrating the Breast Cancer Awareness month.

[Via – Burj-Al-Arab]