Why stay in an ocean facing luxury villa? These solar-powered pods are like floating luxury suites and they also let you cruise around in the sea.

Lazzarini is a name associated with innovative watercraft. However, their portfolio is expanding, as are our ways of enjoying nature. Pierpaolo Lazzarini is adding a gem to the world of hospitality with Pearlsuite. The striking floating unit is designed to reform the seaside hospitality market. Pearlsuite offers 22 sq.m of interior space and a walkable external deck. Interiors are divided into a kitchen, a toilette room, and a transformable bedroom/studio. These easy-to-build pods can be a unique addition to both existing and future beach resorts.

This cocoon of comfort can be equipped with an electric engine, which will allow the units to cruise at 5 knots based on an advanced GPS positioning system and autopilot features. It is also said these pods help the hospitality industry to expand their number of rooms in the easiest, fastest way possible in only a matter of weeks. If that weren’t good enough, the units would be emission-free with zero carbon footprint, infrastructures, and a meager implementation cost.

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The 100% solar-powered pods take care of air conditioning, lighting, fridge propulsion, and other appliances by simply self-producing the energy needed to run the show. The designers have smartly provided storage in the hull to locate additional power sources and systems. The idea of lounging by a pool or admiring the seas from a distance may soon be a thing of the past if Pearlsuite becomes a reality helping you enjoy the waters while living on them. Pearlsuite is priced at $300,000, while the basic versions start at $50,000.

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[Via: Designboom]

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