Robbie Williams got so furious after being charged $250 for a mediocre breakfast in Las Vegas that the singer decided to open a luxury hotel 8000 miles away in Dubai.

Via Instagram / @robbiewilliams

Experiences are the best teacher, and Robbie Williams, the British music icon with an illustrious 30-year career, is an excellent student. Williams was charged $240 for a basic breakfast while staying at a hotel in Vegas, a bitter experience that led him to prepare for his most ambitious project yet — building his own hotel in Dubai. During an appearance on Wondery’s Brydon & podcast, he said, ‘I’m building a hotel, 700 rooms in Dubai… I built a hotel in my head, and I built what it looks like.’

The Wynn Las Vegas.

He continued, ‘I was in the Wynn Hotel in Vegas doing a residency. I remember waking up and being charged $240 for breakfast. And it was like two croissants, a bowl of bran flakes, and a coffee.’ ‘And I got really angry, and then I was just like, I’ll build my own hotel. That was the thought from getting angry about this breakfast costing too much, and I got angry about the mini-bar where if you open it and you pick something up, it charges, and I was like, ‘No.’

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That’s all the inspiration the man with 14 No. 1 albums and 18 Brit Awards needed. ‘I then thought Dubai, and then I thought, actually, there are no residences for artists like me in Dubai. And then I thought, ‘Ah, that’s interesting, I’m going to do that. I’m going to start that.’” He also stated, “My feeling for this is not monetary, although I will welcome anything we make from it. My feeling for this is: Where can we take it? How big can it be? It’s the satisfaction of doing something creative in the name of creativity. It’s unleashing the mind and seeing what is up there and what we, and I, are capable of,” per TimeOut.

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Via Instagram / @robbiewilliams

Williams is known as one of Great Britain’s most influential musicians, record producers, actors, and composers. He is engrossed in creating a new album, a Netflix docuseries, and his film in addition to a musical haven of a hotel in Dubai. According to Marca, Robbie Williams is worth an estimated $300 million.

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