Spectacular and stunning hotel lobbies of the world

The first impression of a hotel is made the moment you step through its doors into the lobby. The lobby is the taste of things to come. Hotels around the world have come up with fabulous and magnificent lobbies that make you look around in awe at the style and luxury and the level of plushness.
Presenting to you some of the most eye catching hotel lobbies from across the globe.

me-dubai-lobbyMe Dubai Hotel – Dubai
The Me hotel, designed by Zaha Hadid, is scheduled to open in 2016. This hotel has an seemingly molten lobby with sleek designing. The shades in the lobby are elegantly muted and subtle unlike most Dubai hotels that prefer to go in for the bright loud colors. What catches the eye is the sculpture of a huge lotus flower with a silver finish in the lobby that is called the ‘Vertical Café’, a multi level lounge and dining area. With strings of crystal balls that hang from the ceiling, this lobby definitely has you saying “wow”.

ritz-carlton-muscatAl Bustan Palace – Ritz Carlton Hotel – Muscat Oman
With a ornately palatial lobby, the grand dome in the centre rises to 39 metres, three metres longer than the dome of the Taj Mahal. A stunning crystal chandelier weighing 5.5 tonnes takes center stage from the ceiling of this lobby. One step into the lobby gives you the sense of opulence and style.

veranda-lobbyVeranda Resort – Chiang Mai – Thailand
The tranquil experience begins the moment you step into the lobby which is an open air reception area. With a rustic charm, cane and rattan furniture, greenery and water bodies all around, it is difficult not to slip into a relaxed state of mind. Very different from the lobbies of city hotels this lobby stands its own amidst nature.