Suite of the Week – 1 bedroom Water Villa with Slide at the Soneva Jani, Maldives

The reasons for going to Maldives are simple enough. It is the world’s greatest island destination with some of the finest resorts surrounded by a lagoon of clear shallow water; in fact so clear that one can see every pebble at the bottom of the sea. While many go only for the water as Maldives is a paradise for snorkeling, diving and the like; others go there for the luxury and the sense of isolation each resort offers. It is no wonder then that almost all the luxury chains in the world are vying for a spot in Maldives, each coming up with bigger and better resorts. One such luxury resort that managed to capture our attention is the stunning Soneva Jani, an unusually large island going by Maldives standards.

What sets Soneva Jani apart from the others is that their water villas are designed like houses (you can imagine how huge they are) and resemble nothing like we’ve ever seen in the Maldives. Located on the island of Medhufaru in the Maldives’ Noonu Atoll, the island is 40 minutes by seaplane from Malé International Airport. We chose the One Bedroom Water Retreat With Slide as our suite of the week and wait till you hear why.

Spread across two floors and measuring 4425 Sq. ft., the One Bedroom Water Retreat With Slide comes with its own private pool. The villas are designed like houses and they are so huge that they come complete with a spacious master bedroom, a kids’ sleeping area, a study, bathroom, dressing room, outdoor shower, living area and even an upstairs seating and dining area. Our favorite part though is the upstairs area with roof deck and a curved water slide (after which the villa gets its name) that sends you whooshing to the waters below. Pure unadulterated fun!

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Another feature of the villa that sends us in a tizzy is the fact that the villa is so open and airy with lagoon access from almost everywhere. Right from the bathroom which is open air with tub, shower & lagoon access; to the outdoor deck with sun loungers, and the upstairs area with that wonderfully curved water slide. We also love the master bedroom with its retractable roof that lets you sunbathe or stargaze as your mood permits. Should the rain Gods decide otherwise; the roof automatically closes. Paints you a pretty picture about how open and airy this beautiful villa is, doesn’t it?

If the lagoon is not enough for you, there’s also a private swimming pool with catamaran nets suspended above the water. This one is probably more suitable for the kids because why would you pass a turn at swimming in the lagoon marveling at all the colorful fish…. and if you’re lucky, even a harmless reef shark!

Staying at Maldives is to isolate yourself from the outside world and this means cutting off all communication. But if you still have an urge to tune in to the news; there is a TV and sound system that also comes with an extensive movie & music playlist. But trust us; this is not the way to go. Simply soak in all that nature has to offer you while you’re here in this paradise.

For your dining needs, no matter where you sit, your meal comes with an unbeatable view. Whether it’s on the sunken tables on the deck; in the living room or the dining sala on the roof terrace. Plus you can complement your meal with a bottle of wine from your very own private wine cellar in your villa. Your butler, Mr. Friday (we think he’s called Friday after Robinson Crusoe’s man Friday) will take care of your every need and will encourage you to take your shoes off for the rest of your trip. So get your feet wet, sit back and relax and enjoy a truly luxurious time in this marvelous water villa.

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As wonderful as the retreat villa is, what really stands out are the experiences that always leaves you with something special. From the first overwater observatory deck to the first overwater silent cinema in the Maldives. Their over-water Soneva Jani spa is closer to a lifestyle centre, than a traditional, standardised spa and is the perfect setting to enjoy treatments and work towards a healthier, purer, and happier self.

Cost: USD 6680++
Size: 4425 Sq. Ft.
Occupancy: 2 adults

Why should you splurge on it?
The waterslide ofcourse is what sets this water villa apart from the others. Plus, the fact that it’s not just the slide that gives you access to the lagoon but the various other places inside the villa such as the bathroom, outdoor deck and the upstairs deck. The Indian ocean with her stunning flora and fauna is your own pool and her unparalleled vistas can be enjoyed from anywhere within your water villa. If this is not paradise then we honestly do not know what is.

Where: Soneva Jani
Medhufaru Island, Noonu Atoll
Republic of Maldives
Phone: +960 656 6666

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