Suspended in the sky over an Italian mountain village, this has to be the most scenic spa you would have ever seen.

When it comes to mind-boggling architecture, no one does it better than NOA (Network of Architecture)! And in proving so, the marquee has unveiled its latest project that includes a series of cabins perched mid-air, amid the best of greenery. Suspended 15 meters off the ground, the project is called the ‘Hub of Huts’ and is part of Hotel Hubertus in South Tyrol. The cabins that double as a wellness center are all oriented towards the mountains and are based on the ‘Heaven and Hell’ concept.

Including a dual spa experience, the upper level of the cluster includes lie-down or seated whirlpools and restful, sunlit areas facing sweeping views. Alternatively, a stairway leads to ‘Hell’ on the lower level which houses two saunas, a nude whirlpool, and an ice room.

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The project displays the use of a steel platform cantilevering outward from a set of massive columns with its reflection on a mirror lake as the central platform of the structure acts as a horizon. In all, the novel extension of Hotel Hubertus is intended to evoke “the architecture of a mountain village” and provide a “zen-like refuge” to its guests.

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Commenting on it, NOA Founder Lukas Rungger in a statement to Dezeen said, “The inspiration came from the element of water. We thought about the possible activities such as standing, sitting, swimming, floating horizontally, and diving upside down. Each of these positions has a different horizon, and from this interplay of perspectives, the idea of the project came to life.”

Fancy visiting the ‘Hub of Huts’?

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