With all his businesses hit hard by the pandemic and now facing a $1.1 billion mountain of debt – Donald Trump is desperately trying to sell his beloved luxury hotel in Washington DC

Via - Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C

That Donald Trump is a relentless man is no secret. He did manage to make a billionaire out of himself, but his wealth dropped by more than $1 billion from the time he took office, resulting in him stumbling 300 points in the Forbes Billionaire rankings. With the market taking off again, Donald Trump is trying to make himself a tad bit richer by giving a second shot at selling Trump Organization’s previously listed Pennsylvania Avenue hotel in the federally owned Old Post Office Pavilion.

Via – Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C

With covid-19 hitting the planet in 2019, Donald Trump’s plans to sell the iconic property were thwarted as many hotels closed either completely or partially due to government shutdowns, and the company pulled the property off the market. Come 2021, and with the grip of the pandemic loosening a bit, his company is trying again and has hired the brokerage firm Newmark Group to market the lease. The revelation also comes on the heels of an announcement that a grand jury has been formed to investigate Trump’s finances.

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Via – Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has reportedly been investigating the D.C. hotel, among other properties. It looks like his alternate careers are also suffering the same fate as his political one, with the travel industry’s most important luxury travel agency Virtuoso having removed all Trump hotels and resorts from its network.
Via – Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C

Only two years ago The Trump International Hotel Washington DC stood as a historic landmark beaming with grandiose and opulence and was awarded one of the most prestigious hospitality awards there is – the Forbes Five Star Award.

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Via – Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C

Trump’s brand suffered immensely owing to his politics, with many liberal, corporate and international clients unwilling to book rooms or events at the hotel. Rooms of the iconic property were running nearly half-empty even when the company put it up for sale. With Manhattan’s district attorney convening a grand jury expected to decide whether to indict the former president, other executives at his company, or the business itself, attempts to sell the D.C. hotel are in full swing.

Via – Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C

In a statement last week, the former president said, “ The grand jury is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt in American history. This is purely political, and an affront to the almost 75 million voters who supported me in the Presidential Election, and highly partisan Democrat prosecutors are driving it.”

Via – Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C

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