Want to behave like William & Kate? NYC’s Plaza Hotel is offering etiquette lessons

I’ve often wondered what’s the best way to set up a perfect dinner table? How many glasses do I need? How do I place my silverware? And then there’s the other stuff to think off like am I holding my wine glass correctly? Am I stirring my coffee right? Whoever thought there are ways to stir coffee too, yeah? Now that’s when a crash course in proper etiquette is a lifesaver. The Plaza in New York City seems to understand this need and has announced the launch of The Plaza Finishing Program with British-founded, New York-based Beaumont Etiquette comes January 2017. Now, what better place to learn etiquette than at The Plaza, a hotel that’s always been a testament to timeless elegance and luxury.

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If you’re looking to be like the oh so refined William & Kate, sign up for their courses which come in two forms – the shorter ‘The Plaza Proper Etiquette Evenings’ ($75 each session) two-hour event in the hotel’s Palm Court that will cover everything from business and dining etiquette to dating, networking and socializing, and the weekend-long finishing courses ($2,750 per person) on how to dress, first impressions, formal dining, afternoon tea etiquette, and posture. The classes are kept small so you get personal attention and come with complimentary cocktails.

Beaumont Etiquette founder Myka Meier says “The series is meant to be a social club where people in the Tri-State area can come, have some cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and learn some valuable lessons.” “I want people to leave feeling more confident in a social setting, at the office, and while on a date.”

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For those interested in sharpening their manners, the full schedule is as below:

Plaza Proper Etiquette
January 18th – Business and Networking Etiquette
February 1st – Dating Etiquette
February 22nd – Dining Etiquette
March 1st – Engagement and Wedding Etiquette
March 15th – Social Swans: Social Graces Etiquette
April 5th – Dining Etiquette

The Plaza Hotel Weekend Finishing Program
February 3-5
March 24-26
April 21-23


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