World’s first Godzilla themed hotel opens in the famous monster’s favourite stomping ground, Tokyo

If you happen to be a monster-movie fan and decide to travel to the land of monster-mayhem i.e. Tokyo, the city that gigantic monsters from the depths of the earth or creations of nuclear fall outs love to use as a ‘stomping-ground’ (I mean that in more ways than one), then staying in Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward will be a must! Why? Because this is where the world’s first and only Godzilla themed hotel is located.

godzilla-hotel-japan-2Called the Hotel Gracery, the entire venue has been customised for fans of the ‘King of all Monsters’. Ever since he made his debut on screen in 1954, Godzilla has been a favourite amongst movie goers the world over when it comes to super-large, city destroying monsters, especially in his hometown (or at least his favourite city to reign down his wrath up on) of Tokyo. Hotel Gracery, situated on the top of the Shinjuku’s Toho Cinema, even has a gigantic Godzilla head sculpt positioned on the roof of the 30 storey building so you can always find your way back, only this time, it’s not the carnage you need to follow. The theatre below will even allow tourists to watch the famous monster in live action in all his various shapes and sizes from the films (28 in all) that span all the way back to the good old Black and White ear to his latest 2014 iteration.

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godzilla-hotel-japan-3The entire hotel has been decked out Godzilla style; from the bathrooms to the bedrooms, the decor is all Godzilla-esque. It’s perhaps the best way to cash in more tourist-spending; to have a themed hotel of a monster that just loved to tear up the town, in the town it most loved to “tear” up. How’s that for comedic irony!

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godzilla-hotel-japan-4Eigo Ueda, the spokesperson for the Hotel had this to say – ‘This Godzilla head is part of our strategy for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics when many foreign tourists will visit and we want to provide the best experience to them. What better way than to appeal to tourists with a giant Godzilla figure.’

godzilla-hotel-japan-5A room in this “monster” hotel will set you back about £200 on weekdays and £300 on public holidays and weekends. The hotel is set to officially open its doors to Godzilla fans on April 24th.

[Via – Dailymail]

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