From Jennifer Lopez wears one worth $1.2M and Blake Lively’s costs $2.5M – Here are the most expensive celebrity engagement rings of all time

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When you think of engagement rings, surely, it’s impossible not to think about what the celebrities are getting from their significant others. Chances are, these are hard to rival, as many of these rings are so grand, luxurious, and meets all the standards of what top-quality engagement rings should be. They’re shiny, big, and yes, these rings also come with a hefty price tag.

If it’s for the woman you love anyway, then why not go grand! Engagement rings are one of the top jewelry pieces for expressing love so great and true, and every girl deserves to have the best, the shiniest diamond piece on their finger.

Get inspired and be in awe with these most expensive celebrity engagement rings of all time:

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Kate Middleton
With her Cinderella-like love story, Kate Middleton also received an engagement ring truly fit for a princess (and a future queen, at that)!

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring may perhaps be one of the most famous and most controversial in the history of royal romances, as it’s the very same ring owned by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

The stunning sapphire ring is surrounded by smaller diamonds, at has a total of 18-carats. Today, the ring is valued at around $500,000.

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Hilary Duff
Not all marriages last forever. But a diamond ring does. Although the marriage has now been dissolved, Hilary Duff once received a beautiful, 14-carat, princess-cut diamond engagement ring from her ex-husband, retired NHL player, Mike Comrie.

This ring came with a whopping price tag of around $1 million. While a 14-carat ring may be too extravagant for many, you can’t go wrong with a 1 carat or 2 carat diamond ring, which sparkles just as beautifully.

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Jennifer Lopez
While the pair never even made it down the aisle, Ben Affleck got Jennifer Lopez her first-ever diamond bling. Unlike the usual plain or clear diamond rings, this one came with a beautiful pale pink color.

This beautiful diamond piece had 6.1 carats and cost Ben Affleck a bill amounting to $1.2 million.

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Kate Upton
Model Kate Upton has always been known to rock the red carpet with her super gorgeous looks, beautiful body, and glamorous evening gowns. But, during the 2016 Met Ball, she shone even brighter than usual.

As a part of her entire look, she didn’t just wear any other ring. She was now sporting her round, 8-carat diamond engagement ring from Justin Verlander.

The ring cost $1.5 million.

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Katie Holmes
Even though TomKat didn’t last, apart from her daughter Suri, one of the most precious pieces of memorabilia she received from Tom Cruise was her engagement ring.

When she said yes to Tom Cruise in 2005, she received a diamond engagement ring worth $1.5 million.

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Ciara was gifted a 16-carat ring by her fiancé, NFL quarterback Russel Wilson. This ring was a massive diamond sparkler, valued at between $2 to 2.5 million.

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Paris Hilton
When Paris Hilton was engaged to Chris Zylka, she received a beautiful pear-shaped engagement ring. What made this ring so special? It was filled with so many diamonds, even on the sides, that the entire ring made it to a total of 22 carats.

The ring cost $2.5 million.

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Blake Lively
Blake Lively’s marriage to Ryan Reynolds will definitely have every girl swooning over massive couple goals! And, so does her engagement ring, too.

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Ryan Reynolds proposed to Blake Lively in a beautiful pale-pink diamond ring, with hints of rose gold. This ring had a total of 7 carats and was valued at $2.5 million.

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Serena Williams
Serena Williams’ wedding to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian was one of the most lavish weddings ever seen from any celebrity, or an athlete, for that matter. So, you can only expect how grand the engagement ring must have also been.

It doesn’t disappoint. Her ring was valued at $3 million.

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Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly was one of the very first actresses to ever get married into any Royal Family. And, being that she was getting married to the Prince of Monaco, Prince Rainier III, she did receive a ring that’s truly fit for a princess.

At that time, her emerald-cut diamond engagement ring was valued at $5.2 million.

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Elizabeth Taylor
Probably still the most famous engagement ring to this date, and one of the most glamorous ever, was Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond ring. The ring had 33.1 carats and was valued (at that time) at $11.4 million.

The celebrity engagement rings above truly make the mark of luxury at its best. A ring isn’t necessarily the only sign of commitment, but isn’t it just awe-inspiring to see how far many celebrities have gone when it comes to wedding proposals? A diamond ring is forever, and these are luxury rings that’ll indeed stand the test of time. Just imagine how much more they’d be worth, once these rings become heirloom pieces themselves. It only shows that truly, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

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