At $6,000 a night, this Dubai hospital has one of the most luxurious maternity suites in the world. Named ‘The Apartment,’ it’s larger than most Presidential suites and offers everything a new mother could need, from a lavish living room to a massive walk-in closet and a fully equipped kitchen.

The affluent community in Dubai embraces extravagance in all aspects of life, including childbirth. The maternity suite at HMS Mirdif Hospital, which opened in December 2021, exemplifies this lavish approach. This expansive suite includes several areas besides the room for the new mother. It features a luxurious lounge with comfortable sofas, a large center table, and a dining table for six. Priced at $6,000 per night, the suite is unlike a typical hospital room and could rival upscale hotel rooms.

A walk-in closet is available for the new mother to be Instagram-ready.

Spread across more than 2,000 sq feet its opulent details include suspended lights in the living area, a spacious en suite with a separate shower cubicle, a fully equipped pantry with a refrigerator and coffee machine, and an immense walk-in closet, reminiscent of a suite in the iconic Burj Khalifa.

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The only clinical feature is the patient bed. “The Apartment” serves as a splendid gathering place for the family to welcome their newest member, born into luxury. The adjacent room features a regal baby cot next to the mother’s bed, an additional room with a queen-size bed for the father, and all the comforts and amenities of a hotel room.

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There’s also a small room with a desk that can double as an office, complete with a bench for meetings. The interiors are opulent, adorned with marble, ambient lighting, and accents that create an inviting atmosphere.

If hospitals were always this luxurious, patients might never miss home or mind an extended stay. HMS Mirdif Hospital, one of Dubai’s newest multi-specialty hospitals with over 160 beds, offers world-class healthcare services. In comparison, a private maternity suite at the plush Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City’s Upper East Side costs a modest $900 per night.

The HMS Mirdif Hospital
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