A 155 million year old Diplodocus Skeleton standing 24 m long and 7 m high, finds an unlikely home at the Dubai Mall

Jurassic Chic seems to be the latest trend in interior décor! A 155 million year old Diplodocus skeleton which had been auctioned off at a Sotheby’s Auction last year has been announced as the latest attraction at the Dubai Mall. Hailed as the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination, the Mall will now feature the skeleton in a permanent display at the Grand Atrium. The exhibit will be open to the public for free viewing and a team on on-site staff will provide visitors with interesting trivia regarding the displayed creature, its discovery and reconstruction. Visitors will also have the opportunity to get a close up view of the bone structure of the intriguing reptile through a metre long original bone which will also be on display.

Standing at an impressive, 24.4 m long and 7.6 m high, this particular Diplodocus skeleton bears a unique distinction in that nearly 90 per cent of its bones are original. The most original diplodocus skeleton prior to this one had only 30 per cent fossil bones from the original structure. Dubai Mall’s resident Diplodocus has also been rated high in scientific integrity. It is beautifully preserved and does not have an equal in any of the world’s museums or private collections.

So the next time you’re in the shopping capital of the world, add visiting the Diplodocus in its very unusual habitat to your list of things to do in Dubai!

[Via – Travel-and-Tour-World]

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