A 25-year-old meme artist from NYC has raised $4 million in under 14 hours to pay for the emergency flight rescue of hundreds of Afghans that are on the Taliban’s hit list

The planet came together as one to face the wrath of the pandemic. A part of the same world, Afghanistan is currently battling something even worse than Covid-19, and it’s making Earthlings uncomfortable. It is impossible not to feel a wrench in the heart while scrolling through images showing the horrors unleashed on the people of Afghanistan. Thankfully we live in a world where a few people exist who feel, empathize, and take action. All those who don’t believe in the power of the ordinary man and unity need to learn about meme artist/fundraiser extraordinaire Tommy Marcus (aka @Quentin.Quarantino), who with the power of his incredible community.

At the time of writing around $4 million has already been raised.

The man raised $550,000 in 80minutes to fund two airplanes and save over 300 Afghan lives. He didn’t hang his boots after this phenomenal feat he achieved in a matter of minutes; instead, he raised the goal amount to $1.1 million to make another round-trip to Kabul. To make the most of his online presence, the goal was increased again to $2.2 million in the hopes of getting more planeloads of people out. Surplus funds, if any, will be donated to the International Women’s Media Foundation, which is helping protect women journalists who are at high risk in Afghanistan.

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Via Instagram / @quentin.quarantino

The Quentin Quaratino page was started by 25-year-old Tommy Marcus, a University of Michigan graduate based in New York City, in the early and confusing days of lockdown. In an effort to try to make light of quarantine life, Marcus promised to post a meme every 30 minutes until the 14-day lockdown was over and named the account after his second favorite director.

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Via Instagram / @quentin.quarantino
Via Instagram / @quentin.quarantino

[Contribute on GoFundMeQuentin Tarintino (Instagram) via UpWorthy]

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