A large $100,000 bill looms over the Manhattan, New York

When artist John Baldessari based in California was asked to commission a billboard, he sure seemed to have taken the “bill” seriously, which is probably why you’d now see a massive $100,000 bill stretched above High Line at 18th Street, Woodrow Wilson. Covering the entire billboard measuring 25 feet x 75 feet, The First $100,000 I Ever Made, as you might have realized by now, given the fact that you do sport a considerable amount of reasoning, is fake. But then again, $100,000 did exist at one point of time in history, during the Great Depression to be precise, and only 42,000 of them were ever printed, though none of these ever entered circulation streams, and for a good reason.

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This piece of art however sure does seem to spark of the mortal sin of lust even in the better half of us all, and we cheer and applaud Baldessari on his artistic brilliance.

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