Beverly Hills 9OH2O, the champagne of waters, is crafted by a water sommelier

Did you ever fathom that water, a freely available resource, has the potential to come for an exorbitant price? Well, if not, then you need to rethink because facts suggest otherwise. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay a high price for water at stores or restaurants unless you really wish to shell out huge amounts for a gulp of Exousía 24K Gold Luxury Water, the opulent list that you might be provided with (to choose from) or the newly launched Beverly Hills 9OH2O. Drawing inspiration from champagne and fine spirits making, a team of fine dining experts, along with the world’s foremost water sommelier, Martin Riese, has created with utmost passion the Beverly Hills 9OH2O – the world’s first sommelier-crafted water.

This pristine spring water hails from the Northern California Mountains and has been crafted with natural minerals using a proprietary patent-pending formula. The crafting process results in a 7.5 pH alkalinity, perfectly balanced minerals, and a silky smooth, incredibly crisp, exceptionally fresh taste profile, making it a perfect match with fine foods and wines. People are already calling it “the best tasting water in the world.”

The Beverly Hills 9OH2O comes in an alluring glass bottle designed to match its packed product’s exclusivity. Ensuring the water’s exceptional purity, freshness, safety, and authenticity, the bottle has been triple-sealed. It has already started featuring in the best hotels, restaurants, stores, and several other luxury outlets. The brand is out in the top-tier US markets, and negotiations with Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, and South Korea are in process.

Unfortunately, only 10,000 bottles of the Beverly Hills 9OH2O would be available for sale. Each edition features unique custom art, making every bottle a highly desirable gift and prized collectible.




A bottle of Beverly Hills 90H2O is up for $14, while a pack of 12 bottles is available for $164.

[Via – Beverlywater and Prnewswire]

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