Chicago based Selective Search plays cupid for the elite for $25,000

We all know that in today’s day and age, time is money. What’s news is that love is too, $25,000 to begin with. Or so say the latest reports. Chicago-based Barbie Adler’s Selective Search is helping the wealthy find the wealth of love and has been doing so for the last 13 years, albeit at a cost. As founder and president of the matchmaking firm, Adler feels, “people that are entrepreneurs are head down, focused, making tons of sacrifices and commitments to be successful in the business world and so they outsource everything, whether it’s personal shoppers or chefs – whatever they can – depending on how successful their business is.” Her team’s nationwide attempts have resulted in 1,487 marriages. And she has been keeping a check on babies too, 459 and counting.

But how does it all work, you ask? A flexible yearlong contract entitles you to seven to ten dates, escalating with the search’s geographical scope. Now one might say how hard is that anyway! It is said Adler and I concur, “going on random date after a random date can be very lonely, can be exhausting. If you look at your credit card bill at the end of the year, and you’re still empty-handed, or you’re spending three or four years with the wrong person, that adds up.” Whereas with Adler’s service, you are granted one-on-one consultations with the staff to express what you are really looking for in a partner before you embark upon that romantic encounter. Now, if only this old-fashioned technique could play out with that potential lover instead and your heart, remain unchartered territory for another outsider. Still, the service has shown results, and too busy clients, that’s all that matters. About 34% of the time, clients decide to stick with the first match presented to them, while another 48% choose a partner after three or four introductions.

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Clearly, Barbie Adler’s former headhunter status still hasn’t lost its shine, only shifted focus to love, “life is so precious and what really matters is not at all what’s in the bank, but what matters is how happy you are.” This Boston-based businessman would agree, “I’ve used executive recruiters in business quite frequently, so the thought of using an executive recruiter in my social sphere felt somewhat normal.” He hired Selective Search in 2009 and, after an in-depth interview at the firm’s Chicago HQ, was introduced to two ladies with whom he spoke on the phone and then met face to face. “There are times in life when the conversation flows seamlessly back and forth, and it could just go on and on and on; this was one of those cases where the conversation felt perfect at all levels.” Sparks flew in the case of the second, so much so that the two are planning to get married next year. Very à la The Bachelor, I must say, going right for once, that is.

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