Craving his favorite dish in the lockdown – A man in Malaysia actually hired a helicopter to pick up packets of a $3 rice delicacy.

Food is powerful; it can evoke memories, bring people together, transport you to a different place, and can also make you do the most outrageous things for it. A Malaysian customer sent a helicopter all the way to pick up 36 packets of the famous Malaysian dish nasi kandar. The dish known locally as nasi ganja for its addictive taste, consists of rice with chicken, beef, and salted egg, is quite a rage in Indian-Muslim restaurants across Malaysia.

Video of the food pickup involving a chartered helicopter landing in an open field to pick up several packs of a famous rice dish caught the attention of authorities and aviation regulators, who are now investigating reports of this genuinely prodigious food pickup. The Kuala Lumpur resident breached the country’s lockdown restrictions by chartering a helicopter to satisfy their craving. Perak police chief Mior Faridalatrash Wahid said that after checking with the Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM), it was found that the helicopter only had permission to land at the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport Ipoh and not on the field.

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Nasi Kandar – Image via Wikipedia

Even the restaurant owner was shocked when he received a call asking him to send the 36 packets of nasi ganja to Padang Ipoh to a waiting red helicopter. “I was also a bit skeptical because there have never been customers who take orders by helicopter. This is the first time orders have been collected using a helicopter,” said a spokesperson for the nasi ganja restaurant.

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The pandemic gave an evident rise to food delivery services as people were confined within their homes with only scrumptious food as an option to put a smile on their faces. We saw some out-of-the-box ideas like Easyjet and Deliveroo launched a cabin trolley home delivery service using actual crew members, but this helicopter pickup idea beats everyone. It doesn’t care about lockdown restrictions or where it’s landing, so long as they can get their hands on the delicious $3 packets of nasi ganja, aka cannabis rice.

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