Dream job alert – Earn $200k by managing and staying in a luxury palace in Dubai

Who doesn’t want to earn handsomely while enjoying the plushest choices that the world has to offer! And allowing you to do just that is a family in Dubai who is currently on the lookout for someone to manage their luxury palace in exchange for a solid paycheck each month!

As posted by Silver Swan Recruitment, the role requires the successful candidate to manage a team of household staff from butlers to drivers, deal with all the financial relations for the property, manage all the daily operations across the household, coordinate the family’s busy schedule, run errands, train staff and resolve any household conflicts should they arise. The chosen member – elected as the ‘House Manager’ will also be responsible for organizing events, as required from time to time.

While this may seem like a lot to do – the job comes with plenty of perks on offer. In addition to earning $130,000-$195,000 per year, the shortlisted person enjoys free accommodation within the palace, access to the in-house chef, free time to explore the area, and ample ‘me’ time at the property. The only other requirement (as stated in the listing) is an ability ‘to embrace a new culture and step into this new role easily as this requires a high level of autonomy.’ Suppose this sounds like something you could do – log on to the Silver Swan Recruitment website and submit your application at the earliest!

[Via: Departures]

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