Fluffy yellow Minions welcome French cinema-goers back in the theatres for movie screenings with social distancing

The world is coming up with the most amusing solutions to maintain social distancing as it prepares for an unlocked version now. We came across the restaurant that is placing mannequins to make people feel less lonely and give the feeling of a full, buzzing atmosphere. One restaurant even created a table in a bubble setting. We were intrigued to read about Germany’s drive-in raves and now something beguiling is brewing in the theatres of Paris. Keeping things incredibly distant and incredibly cute are minions! As French movie fans ventured back into cinemas on Monday for the first time since the COVID-19 lockdown, a new safety feature was placed in a cinema hall to ensure they maintained safe distance; cute yellow pill-shaped minions placed at intervals in the seats to ensure social distancing is observed. The MK2 cinema in the south of Paris pulled off this adorable idea for a screening of the popular 2015 movie “Minions”. The movie-loving population does realize its safer spending two hours in a cinema than traveling on a busy train or bus which is why the crowds didn’t stay away from the screening after weeks of being caged at home. These minion plushies did the work of maintaining safety standards and also contributed to creating a pleasant and happy environment.

This is not the first time the cute characters have contributed in keeping their fans safe from the wrath of coronavirus. They featured in a public service announcement, developed in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO), encouraging people to wash their hands and keep their distance to stay safe.

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[Via: Reuters]

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