Get the party started: Clubs in Germany are hosting socially-distant drive-in raves

Humans are creatures of habit and we have habituated ourselves to having fun in life. Our weekends and lives in totality have been dull and devoid of discos for way too long. But thanks to an idea that has started in Germany the world may soon be full of drive-in raves or ‘Autodisco’. the world’s first drive-in disco opened outside a club in Schuttorf, Germany where nightlife lovers drive into the parking lot outside Index, one of the country’s largest nightclubs, and watch DJs take the stage. The event held outside Club index can accommodate up to 250 cars with a maximum of two occupants each. This is a win-win situation for all till our lives go back to pre-coronavirus times. Club Index managed its party with a full-on festival stage, complete soundsystem, and lighting rig in its car park. It is actually a pretty swell idea to make the most of our situation and still manage an enjoyable night out, and absolutely safe at that! Everybody stays inside their cars, no alcohol is sold, and instead of cheering when the beat drops, ravers honk their car horns and flash their lights. Social distancing norms are still being practiced with rules permitting only two people (wearing face masks) to enter the club building itself to go to the bathroom. Club-goers are not mingling with others instead are finding innovative ways to get in touch without actually touching; writing their phone numbers on balloons and holding them up for someone that’s caught their eye is one such idea. To be honest, Autodiscos are the closest we can get to the real thing as the opening of discos to dance the night away seems like impossibility in 2020. Just like a regular club, Autodisco has themed nights: 90s, urban, and even a family-friendly event are slotted for programming.

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The nights cost about $35 per car for one passenger and one driver (each additional passenger pays about $15). The nights start at about 9 p.m. and the fun lasts till midnight. Now you know how Cinderella felt.

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