Why wear a mask when you can have this new space helmet style face mask with built in fans

Have you found the perfect face mask that provides protection and comfort both? If not, then maybe it is time for you to swap out your uncomfortable mask for a space helmet with built-in fans. It’s gone viral already perhaps because it looks like a space helmet with covering your entire head with a clear plastic bubble and has a washable fabric neck covering. You can look like an astronaut walking the streets with the utmost ease! Called the MicroClimate AIR helmet its USP is a built-in air ventilation system that keeps you comfortable while making sure you are shielded from all viruses; the fact that it might look a bit silly can be ignored when you have so many other benefits. For instance, AIR filters both inlet air and outlet air through HEPA filters that are in front of and behind the fans. It deletes the other common problems that come with a standard facemask like not getting a clear view of the person’s face and expressions, a chance to wear glasses without interference, and the fact that you are in fact super protected.

It should be known the MicroClimate AIR helmet needs to be recharged and only has a four-hour battery life so you would struggle with a long day out. This hi-tech helmet can only protect those living in the U.S currently for a hefty price tag of $199.

[Via: The Sun]

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