Safety first! In this Tokyo diner, guests will savor a fine dining menu and socially distance themselves by being inside a traditional Japanese lantern partition.

The Coronavirus era has taught people to live creatively. This is especially true for the hospitality industry that was undoubtedly one of the most badly hit fields, being closed for long periods lasting months. By the end of 2020, people came up with various ideas to open restaurants, albeit with enough social distance. One Hungarian restaurant took matters to new heights by implementing dining events on the Budapest Eye Ferris wheel to boost sales after tourism plummeted in the area due to the virus. Some even resorted to safe, geodesic domes or by recruiting robots as waiters to reduce human contact. The Japanese inn “Hoshinoya Tokyo” in Otemachi, Tokyo, involves Chochin lanterns. With significant restrictions getting lifted and restaurants and bars beginning to reopen as Tokyo steps out of the state of emergency, some sensible restaurant owners still want to offer ‘peace of mind’ by taking safe measures along with delectable food. If you like the idea of enjoying a delicious meal with a side of safety, then you must check out the cute yet cautious idea that Hoshinoya Tokyo has come up with for socially distanced dinners:

Meet the airy, ample, and traditional chochin lanterns. The lantern is wide enough to give you enough space to eat while keeping the area splash-prevented. It is equipped with a soft light that brightens your face and meal. This light indeed makes for a great prop in the case of Instagram stories.

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Going to a restaurant after ages and not taking enough pictures of your food will not happen. The Chochin lanterns brighten your lip-smacking meal while you take numerous photos of the unique experience. The lanterns were developed with the long-established lantern store “Kojima Shoten” in Kyoto. They measure 75 cm in diameter and 102 cm in height.

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the Hoshinoya resort in Tokyo will begin offering chochin dinners from October 13, 2021, for an additional charge of nearly $265 for the lantern-equipped space. The pre-set meal sets you back by roughly $190, so that’s almost $500 for a dinner that’s got a unique milieu, safety, and scrumptiousness in place.

The eatery is also taking extra measures for sanitation of the space and ensures the entire area is ventilated about 5.5 times per hour, which is about 11 times the standard.

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