For $100,000 this French company will burst the clouds for a sunny wedding

Perfect dress? Check. Perfect honeymoon? Booked and ready! Perfect getaway car? Double check! Perfect sunny weather? Don’t worry, apparently, this can be arranged too! A UK based company called Oliver’s Travels is offering the kind of wedding service that perfectionist brides could only dream up; through the use of a technique called “Cloud-seeding” the company can promise you a rain free wedding day. I can hear Brides rejoicing everywhere.

Cloud seeding involves the use of silver iodide to “seed” the clouds. This compound causes the water vapor in the clouds to condense resulting in rain. The company’s meteorologists and pilots begin their planning a good three weeks before the wedding, forcing the clouds to rain so that the sky is clear by the time of the date. According to the company, cloud seeding is not destructive to the environment and has been used in anticipation of major events like the Beijing Olympics and the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2012.

Messing with the weather gods doesn’t come cheap though, the service will set you back by £100,000 which is about $152,320 and comes with a couple of drawbacks, Oliver’s Travels only serves select locations in France and the venue must be at least 30 kms away from domestic airports.

[Via – Independent]

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