A Georgia man purchased a $58,000 Pokemon trading card using his COVID-19 relief loan

Love is blind. It can also be irrational, illogical, and not necessarily with a human. How else does one explain the act of using a pandemic relief loan to buy a $57,000 Pokémon card? It actually happened. A Georgia man, Vinath Oudomsine, is penalized for wire fraud after spending most of his COVID-19 business relief loan on a fixation. The Economic Injury Disaster Loan [EIDL] was issued to meet business expenses such as payroll, production costs, debts, or rent. The man in question not only blew the money for a completely unrelated purpose, but he also made up a fake business and lied on his application of running it since 2018.

In the application, he mentioned he employs ten people, which demands annual revenues of $235,000. While details of his business remain unrevealed, a document released does clarify The Small Business Association deposited $85,000 into a bank account belonging to Oudomsine in August of 2020. Of that amount, he used more than half to buy a trading card and that too the pricey Pokémon card for $57,789. No doubt, these cards are quite the rage and can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obviously, to pocket the cash, you need to buy the card through legitimate ways too.

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Next shark reveals, the charge against Oudomsine, filed in the Southern District of Georgia, carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence and fines up to $250,000. He could either pay the $250,000 fine or buy the most expensive “Pokémon “Pikachu Illustrator” Trainer Promo Hologram Trading Card, sold for $233,000 instead. Just saying.

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[Via: New York Post]

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