Glam your games night with Jacob & Co.’s new $7,000 backgammon set

In a perfect world COVID-19 will soon come to an end, but the few good things its commenced will ensue for instance game nights and indoor games! With outdoors being strictly avoided the best way to make most of staying indoors in the company of your loved ones and some entertaining games. Jacob & Co. is offering a beauty of a backgammon set that is as luxurious as it is beautiful. If you’re gonna be calling your friends home might as well treat them to something visually stunning and impressive. The backgammon set includes a stunning board and pieces housed inside a rosewood cigar box. The game looks luxe with a premium striking black, red and white playing surface. Adding a touch of opulence is Jacob & Co. logo etched into it, coupled with complementing red and white opalescent game pieces and dice. As elegant as the set is, the company also found time to have some fun, as the cigar box-style case features an old-timey label that depicts none other than company founder Jacob Arabo wearing a top hat.

The holiday season is one that’s brimming with love and laughter of which both are the result of receiving some fabulous gifts. For those who don’t want to go wrong with their gifting choices this year, look no further than Jacob & Co.’s dazzling new $7,000 backgammon set.

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