Gold Bra worth $108,600 – too kitschy

The charisma of Gold in jewelry, watches, accessories, gadgets, art-pieces is acceptable. But lingerie made of gold is jarring. Last month we did post a bikini made of diamonds only and now its time to show you all a Bra made of pure gold studded with diamonds. About 630 g of gold and 7.5 carats of diamonds have gone into the making for this dazzling undergarment. Currently, on display in Beijing, it took 2,000 hours to make this inimitable bra. The thought of someone wearing it is only making me feel sore. No, I’m not jealous……it’s the hard metal pressing against the skin I’m talking of! And obviously the moment you set your eyes on it you will wonder about its cost. Not that you want to buy it but just a general curiosity, I know.

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Darling, here is the break up of this precious Bra that is valued at a total of $108,600 – $13,600 for the gold, $45,000 for the diamonds, and $50,000 for the labor.

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