Insanity: Dior is selling a set of 6 straws for a whopping $150

Indulgence is good, great even every once in a while. Sometimes however the thin line between indulging in something worthwhile and indulging simply cause you can, disappears. Case in point, the absolutely unreasonable reusable straws, oh sorry, correction, toile de jouy straws, (fancy name for fancy price) by Dior. Yes they are straws that cost well, $150 approximately, which is ridiculously expensive for straws, cause you aint gonna be sipping elixir darlings. You will still be savouring a milkshake that costs nothing in comparison. The straws look pretty great with hand-painted, gold-tone spiral motif and come with valid description of not being suitable for children. God forbid if they lose one or even worse…Use one.

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Dior is taking its role in maintaining sustainability quite seriously. If only their ideas would help our money sustain, it would be a win-win for all. I feel very dehydrated by the news that even straws can cost $150 so I’m going to be sipping my favourite strawberry milkshake directly from the glass or with my recycled paper straw. Guess it’ll still taste the same while avoiding the use of plastic.

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