Dior brings back their iconic perfume bottle: the Amphora

Long before perfume bottles became collectibles, Dior was bottling up their beloved scents in stunning glass amphoras. Selected by Christian Dior back in 1947 as the vessel for his very first perfume Miss Dior, the amphora was reprised for other Dior favorites like Diorama, Diorissimo and Diorling. The amphora is also incidentally the inspiration behind the bottle that currently houses the sensual J’Adore perfume. The curvy shape is reminiscent of the figure-eight silhouette invented by the Couturier-Parfumeur and is evocative of the delicate craftsmanship of ancient civilizations.

dior-amphora-4Dior is now bringing the amphora back with a bang. The brand’s “new generation of amphoras” will house all of the brand’s iconic fragrances from the old favorites like Miss Dior to the modern marvels like J’Adore and Addict. These legendary perfume bottles are an ultra-exclusive bespoke service offered only at the Salon du Parfums. Not only is each amphora made to measure, they can also be customized with an engraved date or a set of initials. Each bottle is sealed with a perfumer’s bow and bears a star motif (Christian Dior’s favorite symbol) stamped on the bottom. You can have your amphora filled with any one of Dior’s 43 famous fragrances.



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