Is this the most opulent Piano in the world?

We at LuxuryLaunches know well that pianos come in all shapes and sizes. Some are crystal studded while others are dressed in gold; some are decorative while some others are conveniently yacht sized. Some, apparently, are inspired by woodland creatures! At least this one from Austrian piano manufacturer Bösendorfer certainly is. The special edition piano was created in collaboration with Richard Kessler (owner of the Grand Bohemian boutique hotels and art collector) and is called the Grand Bohemian piano.

The elaborate design was inspired by pieces from Kessler’s personal art collection, including a painting of a peacock and a special collection of bronze sculptures. The magnificent bird has been reimagined in bronze for this piano alongside other woodland creatures. This piano wouldn’t be out of place in a fairy story.

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A bronze cast base of sculpted tree branches with a number of small animals as well as a majestic peacock with its tail on full display form the music stand. LED lighting within the sounding board area and lighting under the base give the piano an ethereal glow. Some parts of the instrument including the frame are gilded with 23-carat gold.
“I was certainly surprised — and honored,” Kessler said of the opportunity to create this elaborate instrument, “Bösendorfer is the premier instrument being made today, known for creating unique, hand-crafted instruments. My hotels are also highly-designed products, with art and music being a significant part of the brand. As an art collector myself, I already own several Bösendorfer instruments. Designing a piano with the company, along with my friend and international artist Franco Castellucio, has long been my dream. This namesake piano is a reflection of Bösendorfer’s limitless possibilities and, at the same time, is truly a collector’s piece of art.”
“Designing this piano was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done,” he added.

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With only 9 such pianos created, you know collectors will be squabbling over every piece. Each one will be priced at $420,000. If you happen to be in New York then you can check out the piano in person at the 2016 ICFF Show at the Jacob K. Javits Center.

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