Japan’s Screambulance, is a haunted house delivery service that scares you anywhere, anytime

Haunted houses have been around nearly as long as the genre of horror movies, but Covid-19 has added an element of novelty to it. Matter of fact is there is nothing scarier than actually going to a haunted house amongst hoards of people and that our reality now is scarier than fiction. Haunted house production company Kowagarase-tai (Scaring Corps) has developed a socially distant solution to getting your haunted house. “Screambulance” is a haunted house delivery service that scares you anywhere, anytime. This new mobile experience can be booked for a specified location, date, and time. The screambulance looks scary with a bloody exterior and brings along the zombie-like staff. The interior will scare the bejesus out of you with a dark and hair-raising environment conducted with the presence of medical equipment hanging from the ceiling, stained sheets, and overflowing blood everywhere.

Ask any fan of horror, and they will tell you it’s the ‘audio’ that makes all the difference and contributes heavily to the impact. The audio system inside the ambulance plays sounds recorded with the latest 3-D sound recording microphone, the KU100, which has a shockingly realistic spatial depiction, making it feel as if someone is actually next to you in the vehicle.

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Is there anything scarier than coronavirus? Nope! This is why all measures are taken in accordance, like providing non-contact bookings for the exclusive use of your party (you and up to five friends). In addition, the vehicle is completely sanitized and ventilated between each use by the company’s “elite horror team.” Bring the screambulance experience home and have terrifyingly terrific 15 minutes, with up to six of your friends, at a total cost of 9,000 yen ($82.51). The service will begin from 1 July.

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