Lalique and Steinway collaborate over the beautiful Helconia piano

Steinway impressed us earlier this year with a magnificent self-playing piano and now the brand has collaborated with the reputed crystal house Lalique. The result of this collaboration is the Helconia, a new piano that embodies the beauty, elegance and rich craftsmanship of both brands. The Helconia flower was chosen to adorn this piano thanks to a long association with Lalique.

The Heliconia flower was originally created by Marie-Claude Lalique, granddaughter of René Lalique in 1992. 75 Lalique crystals embellish each piano. They have been pressed, fashioned, cut, engraved, polished and signed at the Lalique factory in Alsace.

Later, each crystal is then affixed to the piano at the Steinway factory in Hamburg. The tropical flower is recreated in clear and frosted crystals and metal on the lid, the legs and the case of the piano.

The piano will be available in black and white colors but several veneers are available in premium woods or different colors for those seeking to personalize their purchase. Each grand piano also features a special plaque on the inside, which can be personalized for the buyer.

[ Via : Steinway ]

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