Lavish gifts, designer clothes, sports cars and helicopter rides, take a look at how the Rich Kids of Instagram are enjoying the festive season

Buying a Christmas gift for someone who has everything can be quite a daunting task but trust the Rich Kids of Instagram to display their recent purchases and moods making the job easy (or more difficult, since they bought the mall?). Decked in high-end designer garbs from head to toe, letting their hair down in costly staycations at exclusive ski resorts high up in the Russian mountains or even to lounge at home displays their flamboyance perfectly. From opulent Christmas decorations to luxe gifts like sports cars, tiffany trinkets, and five-star escapades, the spoiled teens have been having a jolly good time and enjoying a seriously flashy December. The world is shunning celebrations as the battle with COVID-19 is nearing its end but by the looks of it, caution is still the name of the game for only the lesser rich populace of our beloved planet. Let’s enjoy if only pictorially, a lavish Christmas with the Rich Kids of Instagram who are currently drowning in a sea of luxury gifts and five-star vacations:

Via Instagram / @dominguero

A gift so opulent, one can’t imagine fitting this under a tree. That’s Spanish social media influencer Dominguero, having a merry time showing off his very extravagant Christmas present.

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Via Instagram / @olesya_malinskaya

Olesya Malinskaya sits pretty in a cafe enjoying the Christmas vibe but not without the latest Gucci collection keeping her warm

Via Instagram / @myrkadellanos

Daughter of American journalist Myrka Dellanos, Alexa Dellanos, makes for a pretty picture nestled across a gigantic Christmas tree. It’s not a five-star hotel; in fact, the rich kid is only posing outside her Miami Beach home.


Coming home for Christmas is no big deal; after all, everyone travels to be with family just not everyone travels back to Las Vegas from Nepal in a helicopter for the festive season.


This travel blogger chose the majestic Aurora Village to bring in the festivities. No better way to spend the holidays than under the Northern lights right?

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Via Instagram / @gulnarbaravia

Heading back home in a supercar and uber-cool Balenciaga legging is Russian fashionista Gulnora Mukhedinova on holiday from Dubai

Via Instagram / @love__rose92

Liubava Rose spotted enjoying a white Christmas that’s very different in nature from ours. Surrounded by a tree of delicacies, sipping the finest rose in a picturesque locale is exactly what holidays are meant for.

Are you even a real influencer if your Christmas tree isnt the best ever with the decorations and the ornaments matching your perfect, fashionable outfit?

Christmas lights on the tree, the house, and on the beautiful blue Lamborghini too, please! The Lamborghini is decked in lights to carry Zain’s tree home, in New York.

Via Instagram / @alexander_dgr8

Christmas has arrived already in this beautifully decorated home, belonging to Los Angeles based entrepreneur Alex Bostanian.

Via Instagram / @alexadellanos
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