Journey back in time with the Lego Orient Express Train Set. Its retractable roofs reveal elegant interiors, and 2,540 pieces provide hours of entertainment.

Trains are tools for romancing the earth and nature in an unhurried, precise, and deeply rooted manner. This is also true for the LEGO Ideas Orient Express Train Set, designed for adults who love trains, LEGO, and leisure. Reminiscent of the golden age of train travel, this stunning LEGO display model of the Orient Express is the perfect gift for train lovers and travel enthusiasts. The model, bearing an excellent likeness to the iconic luxury train that carried passengers across Europe to Istanbul from 1883 to 1977, features brick-built versions of the locomotive, tender, dining car, and sleeping car, plus train tracks. To witness the marvel inside, one can remove the roofs.

The interior boasts stunning details like the dining car and sleeping car, complete with inlaid panels and a mirror effect above the bed in the first-class room of the sleeping car. It includes 8 minifigures who keep each other company on the journey, including a railway station manager, a duchess, and a film director. The LEGO Orient Express Train Set, designed by 27-year-old Paris-based LEGO fan Thomas Lajon as part of the LEGO Ideas program, comprises 2,540 pieces.

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According to Comicbook, Thomas Lajon said, ‘I have always been a great fan of locomotives, sailing ships, and ocean liners. As a child, I collected everything related to them. Years later, my girlfriend encouraged me to reconnect with LEGO bricks and, knowing my love for trains, she encouraged me to build one. Naturally, I chose to make the Orient Express, a sumptuous French train at the heart of many stories.’ The Orient Express Train is available online for $300.

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The Orient Express is one of the most iconic trains in the world.
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