In a show of wealth that would even make an Arab prince shy – An Australian millionaire hoisted his $2 million McLaren supercar with a crane into his $27 million penthouse apartment on the 57th floor

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The most expensive property in Australia became a little more exclusive and special when its millionaire owner decorate the living room with a track-only McLaren Senna GTR. Since the penthouse property is located on the 57th floor of the Sapphire by the Gardens, a luxury residential tower in Melbourne, the supercar had to be hoisted up hundreds of meters in the air with the help of a crane – a sight that immediately attracted a big crowd of onlookers.

Obviously, it’s not an easy job to carefully lift an ultra-rare automobile over 50 floors; even the smallest mistake can lead to a complete disaster. It was skillfully completed by an eight-man crew who used a gigantic crane to transport the McLaren Senna GTR to one of the top floors of the newly built towers.

Via Instagram / @adrian_portelli

Adrian Portelli, the multi-millionaire owner of the penthouse and the McLaren Senna GTR, shared pictures of the event on Instagram. In the caption, Portelli wrote: “When I went to bed last night I just giggled. Young Portelli would be proud.” The pictures might remind you of the Lykan HyperSport from Fast and Furious 7.

Via Instagram / @adrian_portelli

The penthouse apartment recently made news when it became the most expensive property in Australia by selling for $39 million AUD (around $26.3 million USD). Interestingly, Portelli’s Senna GTR also holds the record for the most expensive used car in Australia, priced at $3 million AUD (about $2 million USD).

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Via Instagram / @adrian_portelli

A lot of car fanatics might question Portelli’s decision to permanently park the rare McLaren Senna GTR as a showpiece inside his penthouse; after all, such stunning automobiles are meant to be driven. However, the Australian entrepreneur claims he did it due to the due to the non-road legal status of the supercar. In all probability, the track-only McLaren is going to spend the rest of its life in that Penthouse as it would be nearly impossible to bring it back down after construction work in the building is completed. In fact, an entire side of the building had to be deconstructed specifically for the task. While it must have been ridiculously expensive to get the supercar up there, Portelli claims the cost was included in the original price of the penthouse as part of the deal.

Via Instagram / @adrian_portelli

McLaren Senna GTR was launched in 2019 as a track-only version of the Senna with a starting price of around $1.5 million. With the production limited to only 75 examples, it’s one of the rarest McLarens money can buy. It is equipped with a complex aerodynamic package influenced by the company’s racing program, which includes a massive rear wing, a pronounced front splitter, and a big rear diffuser. The British marque claims the aero package produces no less than 2,205 lbs. of downforce. The supercar is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 which produces 814 hp and 590 lb.-ft of torque. Portelli’s Senna GTR wears the beautiful Marlboro livery; however, the millionaire swapped the Marlboro logo with the insignia of one of his businesses.

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Via Instagram / @adrian_portelli

Who is Adrian Portelli?
Adrian Portelli, who is known as ‘Mr. Lambo’ for his love of rare Lamborghinis and other exotic supercars, is a self-made millionaire from Australia. The 34-year-old dropped out of university to work at his dad’s truck repair business before making millions of dollars through tech start-ups in Los Angeles. While his initial plan was to start up a limousine business for celebrities in the US, Portelli founded his successful LMCT+ business, which raffles boats, cars, and houses. Portelli’s personal car collection includes some of the coolest exotic automobiles, including an Aventador SVJ, a Murcielago SV, a McLaren 720S, and even a 1 of 50 Koenigsegg CC850 which has a starting price of over $3.5 million.

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