Miniatur Wunderland: World’s largest model

The world’s largest working model named Miniatur Wunderland, now sits cozy in Hamburg, Germany. Taking a space of 11,840 square feet and built at a span of over 500,000 working hours, the Miniatur Wunderland is the most amusing virtual land ever. It goes from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, North America, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland through trains (each measuring 47.5 feet). On its way, it covers everything, right from the Grand Canyon, Snow-covered Sweden, the 20-foot tall Swiss mountains, and the buzzing city of Las Vegas. Among the other small amusements are casinos, secret underground base, upside-down houses, and ‘houses with bad reputations’ (whorehouses). Roll over for the video…….

Over 10,000 train cars, 170 computer controlled cars, 200,000 people and 300,000 computer-controlled LED’s are employed and day & night light simulator, all of which are controlled by 40 computers and 200 cameras in the premises. They are also opening an airport this year which has taken over 2.5 years to build. The Miniatur Wunderland is constructed meticulously, with attention to detail and I simply can’t wait to visit this place!

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