The world’s largest mobile maze has set up camp at Abu Dhabi

While Dubai is always getting all the attention with its tallest, biggest, highest, etc, Abu Dhabi takes the spotlight for a change. The world’s largest mobile maze has been installed in the emirate, offering visitors a fun adventure until April 22 this year.

The Wonder Maze at the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi is the third to open in the UAE. The other two are in the Al Ain Zoo and Riverland Dubai. The installation took 1500 man-hours to set up, which equates to a little over two months. The hexagon-shaped maze covers an area of 2,787 sqm and consists of over 25,000 sqm tarpaulin, 1,700 m of column pipes and 8,000 m of rope to create paths and grids – which is a total of 3,000 m.

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On average a person takes between 45 to 60 minutes to complete, it has been observed. If you are the kind who likes to give up midway (no offense), you have the choice to exit the maze at the “Quick Exit. Original. The goal is to reach the center of the maze, which is a five-meter high viewing platform. The idea behind this mammoth maze is to make it a fun family activity and to also test one’s sense of direction and memory. How this relates to a fun activity is however beyond comprehension.

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The maze is open for visitors daily from 11 am to 10 pm, and costs AED 35 per head. Children go in free, which could be a trick in away. In particular for parents who would like some space to breathe and smell the roses while their toddlers scurry about in search of them through these crazy yellow pathways.

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There, your school holidays are sorted.

[Via: The National]