SUV-loving billionaire sheik has the world’s biggest truck – The 50-ton mammoth is road-legal, it has four air-conditioned bedrooms, a full-fledged kitchen, and its windscreen wiper is from a cruise ship.

Last week, we talked about the world’s largest SUV that rides on 10 wheels and weighs more than 7 Hummers. The monstrous vehicle was created by Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a billionaire member of the Emirati Royal family who is famous for his love for wild automotive creations. Back in the ‘90s, he earned the nickname Rainbow Sheikh for famously buying a fleet of Mercedes every color of the rainbow as a wedding present. He also holds the Guinness World record for the largest collection of 4×4 vehicles, but some of those vehicles have their own personal records to their names as well! Just like the world’s biggest SUV, the Rainbow Sheik’s grand collection also has the world’s biggest pickup truck that is so big in size that it houses a fully-furnished mansion inside it. Meet the supersized Dodge Power Wagon, which is said to be only eight times the size of the real thing.

The Dodge Power Wagon is a four-wheel drive truck that was in production from 1945 to 1980 and the name was later resurrected in 2005 for a new model. The original Dodge Power Wagon is synonymous with the oil boom and also happens to be Rainbow Sheik’s all-time favorite vehicle. As a tribute, the car collector decided to build a replica of the truck which is precisely eight times larger than the original in size. In fact, the scale of the mammoth creation was limited only by the size of the wheels that could be procured by the Sheikh. Apparently, the Power Wagon replica rides on wheels that are used for transporting oil rigs. And, guess what? Like most other supersized replicas from the Rainbow Sheikh’s collection, this one’s also drivable! It is powered by a Detroit Diesel straight-6 that produced 300hp, which is enough to move the gigantic vehicle. The replica also features a registration plate, making it legal to be driven on the streets of Abu Dhabi.

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Via Youtube / @Jk Autowap

However, unlike Sheikh Hamad’s largest SUV which is underpinned by the chassis borrowed from a military truck, the Dodge Power Wagon replica gets a bespoke frame built especially for the project. It’s dimensionally so large that it had to be built in the desert. The attention to detail is simply fantastic, with most of the exterior design elements replicated to perfection.

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Via Instagram / @yanivsosner

While the massive wiper blades were borrowed from an ocean liner, the gigantic headlamps were specially made at the cost of 1000 GBP (about $1100 according to the current exchange rate) per unit. But what’s hidden inside is even more surprising. Somewhere below the cab is a door that opens to a flight of stairs that leads to a fully furnished mansion with all the necessary amenities needed for comfortable living. It includes four large bedrooms with air-conditioning, a living room, bathrooms, and a patio built into the tailgate. The world’s largest pickup truck is currently displayed at the Emirates National Auto Museum.

Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. Via – instagram
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