Mont Blanc releases Great Characters Edition Andy Warhol pens

Mont Blanc is celebrating artist Andy Warhol in their new Great Characters Edition pens. The artist’s much copied Campbell’s soup work has inspired the three piece collection. The roller ball and fountain pens feature a stainless-steel cap that is adorned with images of four Tomato Soup tins. The ballpoint pen has this design incorporated into the body. The cobalt blue resin body of the pen contrasts with the vivid orange rings reflecting the artist’s use of colors in his Campbell Soups series. The squeegee that he used in his silkscreen printing is seen in the design on the clip. The cap ring is also engraved with the artist’s signature quote: “Art is what you can get away with.”


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The fountain pen priced at $940 additionally boasts a handcrafted rhodium coated gold nib engraved with a dollar sign. The Roller Ball will set you back by $805 while the ballpoint pen retails at $750.
The artist has also inspired another Mont Blanc creation the Andy Warhol Limited Edition 1928 series named after the year Warhol was born. Referencing the Flowers series, the fountain pen features four brightly colored blooms on its cap. The cone has a barcode symbolizing Warhol’s commentary on commercialism. The pen’s silver barrel is a tribute to Warhol’s studio: The Silver Factory and the cap features the quote: “You need to let the little things in life that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”

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[ Via : Forbes ]

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