23-year old TikTok influencer who earned her fame supporting Bernie Sanders and openly criticizing the rich blatantly shows off her $2 million apartment.

‘Acts like a socialist but brags like a capitalist,’ ‘Money change you quick’, ‘… from criticizing rich boomers to becoming a rich boomer’ and so on. Close to 217k views already on YouTube, with 10 times more dislikes than likes, a new video of 23-year old TikTok influencer Nicole Sanchez has become the new talk of the internet viral world – sadly, as a hypocrite.

Neekolul (as she’s known on social media) uploaded a video tour of her home reportedly costing $2 million. People are aghast that this is the girl who publicly spoke about socialism and how the rich must be taxed higher.

Last year, the influencer became an online sensation when she exhibited her support to Bernie Sanders after uploading a TikTok clip wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt and dancing to a song that sang – ‘Whaever you say, Boomer. Ok Boomer.’

Since this, Nicole has been referred to as the ‘Ok Boomer’ the girl who shot up to fame … and has earned a lot of money. Following this video, she has also endorsed Democratic rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s brand wearing a t-shirt that said ‘tax the rich’.

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Via Instagram / @neekolul

The social media followers have crossed 1 million, and with this latest update, we could expect more attention – although we cannot be too sure of her retaining the list of followers based on the backslash she has been facing.

People have been calling her a hypocrite to say something and do something else – living in a fancy new apartment with a Martha-Stewart-like, iPad-automated kitchen and a Nespresso machine. Apparently, she doesn’t even drink coffee. Neither does she use the fancy tub in one of the bathrooms.

She also showed the different rooms, the balcony with stunning city views, and the closet brimming with both hers and her brother’s clothes.

If you watch the video, though, you can see she doesn’t sound overwhelmed or super-excited about this new, infamous home. She almost looks bored! In her defense, it is possible that she is just endorsing all those brands (reaching an audience of 1 million is no simple feat). Nespresso, Martha Stewart, several toys, bathtubs, etc., and so much neon lighting!

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There have been other defenders of Nicole, too, people who have come out in her defense, saying there was no word that she is not paying her taxes. She could still be doing that while talking about how the rich must pay more. The trolling assumes that she is a hypocrite to want to live in such a fancy and expensive home and still talk about socialism.

Via Instagram / @neekolul

She has not commented on this so far, and neither has she pulled down the video from her channels. It could well be an endorsement video, see? People need to relax a little bit. Take a chill pill.

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