Only in Hollywood – Diamond braces for $25,000

If you can wear a golden nose stud, ideally you can also have golden braces. Or diamond braces. You just need to make sure you don’t swallow anything too valuable that you get kidnapped by duds and have your gut removed in search of treasure. In Hollywood, though, that is possible. Because you have your security and your military escorts and your senatorial best friends, etc, that you can easily stroll down the streets, fearless and carefree. The only thing that is going to shoot you down is paparazzi.

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Now, we all know about the dental sector of the United States and how they are the most handsome and the richest doctors to eye. Beverley Hills is grinning ear to ear now that its favourite orthodontist Mahtab Partovi DDS, is offering gold-platted and diamond braces tailor-made for her list of ‘who is whos’ of tinselworld, rather their off springs presumably, as no star would want to be seen dead in braces, right? The price is a mere $25,000 plus plus.

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She offers a ‘luxury menu’ that includes gold braces, diamond accents, as well as diamond studded Invisalgn or “Invisagrills” which will be available at her clinic 360 Orthodontists. Back in the days kids, and even adults, hated going to the dentist. If you are chauffeured around in a Rolls and walk around sparkling diamonds, why would you want to miss the fun?

[ Via : Examiner ]

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