Only in Japan – Tombstones are equipped with Bluetooth technology to help bereaved families mourn loved ones without spending pots of money

Even before the rest of the world realizes it has a problem, Japan is ready with the solution. The fact that Japan has a massive aging population is no secret. Not just that, the expense of buying n individual tombstones is staggering, too, almost $68,000; where does that leave people who are left with no family or at the mercy of relatives who cannot afford to spend this fortune on a plot of land? Moreover, with the number of aging citizens being so high, space surely will become an ordeal sooner than later. This is where Japan’s mastery of technology comes into play! Tombstones with Bluetooth technology is an inventive and practical way of solving all these problems. The Yachiyo Yukyu, no Sato Cemetery in Chiba Prefecture, has launched tombstones called Hikari that work as communal tombstones. The Hikari tombstone is electronic and personalized for mourners who can select what can be displayed on the screen. The Hikari staff can help you create and register the Bluetooth data however you want. To understand the concept better, check out the images below:

The Hikari electronic tombstones cost around 290,000 yen ($2,800) and can be personalized. It’s a great way for relatives and family members of people who are buried in a communal tombstone to come to pay their respects.

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In order to view your loved ones’ tombstone on the digital screen, mourners have to bring a special talisman with them when they visit, which activates the tombstone’s BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology and your data is then displayed on the screen.

When a mourner approaches the Hikari electronic tombstone with the talisman in hand, the tombstone displays their loved one’s name, date of death, and so on. After leaving, the screen reverts back to the default setting.

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The default screen on the tombstone displays the kanji for “light” and can be personalized to show images or family photos.

[Via: Sora News24]

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