Talk about a dream job – This one pays $93k year to review luxury yachts

The job market has seen a 360-degree change in the recent few years. Now, job seekers are no longer restricted to desk jobs; they can venture far and wide to experiment with different industries. One of the most exciting employment opportunities we have come across in recent times is a yacht reviewing post by The job profile is simple; stay on a yacht for a week and maintain a detailed report of your discoveries and observations.

Of course, this is not a full-time job. You will be contacted as and when your services are required. It sure sounds exhausting; after all, you will be travelling to fabulous places all over the world to review yachts.

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If you are over the age of 21, have a passport and can be available on short notice throughout the year, you can apply. The basic aim of this job is to conduct tests on each element in the yacht. We’re talking every plug socket, door, bed, shower and tap. The company wants to ensure that everything is up to their standards for those multi-millionaire yacht renters.

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While this may be a globetrotter’s fantasy, the company actually has certain requisites; they need a sincere, diligent and hard-working person who can write detailed and high-quality reviews. Yes, experience with yachts will give you an upper hand.

If you secure a job, you will receive a pay of £1,000 per yacht you review for staying, sleeping, showering and writing on a yacht! This suddenly sounds like the best job ever right?

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