This gorgeous 367-foot superyacht concept comes with three pools, a beach club, and one-of-a-kind Amphi-Lounge for uninterrupted underwater views

What good is buying, living, and loving the experience of being on a superyacht if you don’t get to enjoy underwater views as much as the surrounding milieu? The best way to enjoy what lies above, around, and beneath the waters is the superyacht concept Kappa revealed by Bannenberg & Rowell based on the design postulates of openness and transparency. The 112-meter superyacht design features a “powerful sense of connectivity to the water,”, especially from the aft main deck and pool deck.

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The inclusion of the “Amphi-lounge” placed below the waterline is a mesmerizing underwater viewing gallery that encourages your connection to marine life even further. The aspect of transparency is noticed through the yacht as swathes of glass are seamlessly interwoven with the structural elements to create undulating shapes that add to the transparency and give the vessel an ethereal appearance despite her heft and size.

The lower deck opens out onto the pool and houses the beach club and a well-equipped gym. The design studio lends this superyacht a very different appearance by splitting one solid deck into many different elevations. The tip of the bow features a table for alfresco dining, which doubles up as the spot you had your most unforgettably stunning meal at. The vessel sports two additional pools (the third pool is found on the bridge deck aft), a helipad, storage for two jet skis, and a scuba dive store.

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[Via: Boat International]

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