An advanced cabin that offers most of the popular spa treatments in the comfort of your home

After the Concoon and the Oxy-LED light Spa Capsule, the latest in new-age treatments, is the Aemotio Spa by the Italian Lemi group. This multifunction cabin is a personal abode for everything from hydrotherapy to slimming, toning, exfoliating, body wraps, and masks, scrubs, peeling treatments, along with the good old and much-needed massages and anti-stress treatments. And to think it can all be had within the confines of your own household! I have one word- grazie Lemi! Ok, so they were two and Italian, but here’s some more ‘English’ info.

This latest generation relaxation marvel comes with the comforts of a Vichy shower, water-enhanced Vibro massage, and a heated water mattress fitted height-adjustable bed. Also installed in it is savonage for an exceptional foam-cleansing experience. And if all that wasn’t enough, it also offers traditional body treatments involving aromatherapy, color therapy, mud therapy, steam baths, and facial treatments. Thus, light and water and foam and color combine to create a mesmerizing cocoon that offers both the body and mind intense gratification.

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Conceived in collaboration with Italian architect Simone Micheli, this unit is the world’s only electrically height-adjustable wettable with its sides made from the perfect-for-customization ‘Dibond’ panel, allowing for countless settings to be achieved based on the client’s requirements. Available in black and white, the Aemotio Spa triples the yield of a normal Spa cabin, rendering it three times more effective than the most extravagant of spa beds. And speaking of extravagant, this one costs a whopping but worthwhile $30,000.

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