The oil rich county of Kuwait is building a magnificent flower shaped community for 100,000 residents which will be the ‘worlds most walkable city’.

XZero, the world’s most walkable city by UAE-based designers URB, will change how we live and move around. The future is sustainable, and this flower-shaped metropolis focuses on achieving that by reducing car access and making space for traversing by foot feasible and preferable. The planned community in Kuwait promotes a net zero carbon lifestyle for 100,000 residents who will enjoy the web of hubs dedicated to education, entertainment, and medical facilities. There will be 30,000 residential units, 5-star resorts and lodges, a utility park, a nature conservation center, and more to balance life with nature.

On a large scale, the eco hub will unleash as many as 30,000 job opportunities in various walks of life, such as medical, tourism, technology, education, and hospitality. Baharash Bagherian, the CEO of URB, said to Daily Mail, “The creation of sustainable cities that follow the highest standards of living with the lowest impact on the environment is no longer a choice; it has become a necessity ‘XZero is planned with multi-functional holistic solutions that address the three key pillars of sustainability; social, economic and environmental.

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The heart of this project is the unique resilient landscape, which is multifunctional and designed to promote health, well-being, and biodiversity. The landscape is the social glue to the entire city, which will promote a vibrant neighborhood whilst connecting residents to all amenities within minutes.”

Keeping the main focus of the $15 billion project in mind, all walking spaces will be shaded and connected to other areas by cycles or electric bikes. In addition to a 35 km walking and cycling zone, XZero will flaunt a 9km equestrian track. The project will commence construction in 2024 and aims to be complete by 2034.

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URB is also devising the world’s largest net-zero carbon urban tech district that will take shape near the Al Jaddaf Creekside in Dubai.

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