The $350,000 dinosaur is an animatronic pet of your dreams

Still, left wonder-struck by the decade-old Jurassic Park movie? Have you grown up watching Barney the Dinosaur? Ever wondered what it’d be like, to have a real dinosaur in your backyard, instead of that stupid yapping Pomeranian? Well, if your pockets run deep, deep enough to pull out a fad wad of $350,000, you could now have an almost-real dinosaur to yourself! Well, now don’t go expecting this one to eat out of your hand or growl at your pesky neighbor. And if you’ve been planning on a ferocious beast to keep those punks away, we suggest this dinosaur, coupled with a Rottweiler! Anyways, this dinosaur can sense your approach, look at you, roar, stomp its foot, open and close its mouth and has a few more tricks in its bag, and is currently being displayed at the Field Museum of Natural History.

And if this isn’t really enough for you, we suggest you chip in funds for a DNA-mutating program that could bring those pre-historic beasts back.

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