This 3,600-piece playable Lego Grand Piano dishes out some sweet tunes

Looks like Lego has sworn to keep its adult fans happy this year. When everything sees to be going downhill in 2020 the same can’t be said for Lego and their offering for the adult fans of Lego. They changed the game with their brick-built NES console and a retro TV that replicates playing Super Mario and now Lego further makes a musical mark with a 3,622 piece piano you can actually play. The literally playful set stemmed from the mind of the keen builder and music enthusiast, Donny Chen, the final product was created by Lego designer Woon Tze Chee, who used many of the elements submitted by the fan designer with the added benefit of including sound as well. About the grand piano Lego model, is comes with a total of 3,662 pieces each of which is imperative in the precise working of the piano. If you think this playset will only inspire the engineer is you then behold as 25 playable keys, each connected to their own hammer, bring out the pianist in you who can learn to plunk out a song as you play. The Lego grand piano set is complete with an adjustable bench, moving pedals, a lid that opens and folds back a music stand, and an openable keyboard cover and also five songs that are included to play through the app.

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Music enthusiast Donny Chen also contributes to this set with a printed music sheet composed by him and gold, vintage Lego logo that was included in the designer’s pitch for the idea of the baby piano. The Lego grand piano stands at 22.5cm high, 30.5cm wide and 35.5cm deep, this tiny, but mighty LEGO set, is powered by 6 AAA batteries. The new set retails for $350 at the Lego website.

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