$400 an hour tutors to $250,000 per year chefs here are top 5 six-figure employees of the super wealthy

Have household, will hire. This is the philosophy adopted by the rich and reveled in by the help. And by “help,” I mean six-figure salaried sassy creatures. They are the Alfred-s and the Marry Poppins-s of the world who live a monetary stratosphere above us mere mortals, thanks to their employers’ celebrity. It’s time to reveal the list of the most rewarding domestic careers.

High-flying parents want to, besides flying high, also nurture their kids right even if away from their own watchful eyes. And even if at a $100,000 per annum price. Enter, the nanny! While she (or, in some cases, he) may most likely be your average college Joe (or Linda), they are the best-breeding bet for sending those kids to college someday.

While there may not be as many Bruce Wayne-s cruising down American streets, London’s Bespoke Bureau British Butler and Housekeeper Academy claims to have placed a newly trained butler in the United Arab Emirates in a position that pays an annual $158,000. Not to mention perks such as a luxury apartment, bonuses, private jet travel, and vacation months too.

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Private Chefs
As the name suggests, these are chefs exclusive to a client and definition to their mansion, yacht, private jet, and what have you, err them. While most make a median $70,000, “lucky private chefs who tour with celebrities can make upwards of $5,000 a week,” says Culinary Schools Connection. That would mean an annual $240,000 salary!

While parents are willing to pay $400 an hour for the best tutors in New York City, a 2011 ad in Tutors International offered the use of a London apartment, free travel, and $95,000 a year for teaching two kids, Ancient Greek, Spanish, French, Latin, sailing and chess, said U.K’s Huffington Post. ‘nuff said. Tutor away!

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By now, it may, however, have become clear that none worthy and privileged would make do with one of the above unless we’re talking one of ‘each.’ Which brings us to the total of around $400,000 spent on these special categories per Haute household, per blessed year. That, not counting the innumerable occasions of seeking a stylist’s aid to exit that household looking chic, which brings us to…

Personal Shoppers
These wielders of style are also yielders of high income. Top-notch personal shoppers can earn $100,000 or more annually, declares Forbes. Formal credentials? No, thank you! Only one giving thanks in this scenario is a fashion-forward-ed well-heeled.

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